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What are we offering?


  • Live Location of bus and assigned bus stop
  • Bus locaton getting UPDATED every 5th Second
  • All Pick Up and Drop Point on Map with ETA and delay information
  • Security features - A Passenger can share his Live Location with Family via Whatsapp while traveling.
  • Sharing on Facebook - Smart Ticket can be shared on facebook and advertises the travel agency
How does Smart Ticket solve Travel Agency's everyday problem
Bus conductor and transport office get hundred of calls enquiring the current position of bus from (waiting) passengers.

Smart Ticket reduces number of calls to ZERO

In general, Travel agency has no robust way to communicate the current status of bus i.e if Bus is late by 30 min so that passenger can plan leaving office / home accordingly .

Passengers can see the Live Location of bus an hour before bus departs from Origin and so can plan in advance.

New passenger doesn't know the exact location of boarding point and it adds to his/her woes - mostly at night in less known city. Every bus from that travel agency coming from that direction appears to be their own bus and so its confusing.

Passengers can see their boarding point and live location of bus on their mobile phone. So no room for confusion.

At destination where exactly to drop always confuses passengers as city is not very known to them.

Smart Ticket shows them all the stoppage and route at destination so that they can plan well.

Security is the very big concern especially for female travelling alone and there is no way their family can track them while traveling.

Smart Ticket can be shared on whatsapp and so your parents/ family can see your online location.

No good tool for giving feedback of Travel experience is available to passenger

This Soltion provides an easy interface to submit feedback after travel ends.


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We enable the 'Smart Tracker' on backend to empower the transport admin to track all buses on mobile and generate reports. FIND MORE
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The Innovations tracking device is designed and developed by an engineering team based in Bangalore having a decade of industrial experience in producing state of the art software/hardware. This product is the brainchild of a team comprising of IITians who have put forth their technical acumen collected over the years working in world class researchlabs like Microsoft, Yahoo Labs! and Oracle.

We provide complete end-to-end, a very reliable system for Tracking, Safety and Surveillance to academic institutions, Corporates and Govt Organizations.


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