What is Smart Tracker

Show Live location of your vehicle on Mobile

Updates geo-location of vehicle every 5th second and so shows the exact current location.

It doesn't miss a single geo-location data even in no-network-zone

It has smart algorithm to save resources / battery when vehicle doesn't move

Very robust and reliable as complete product is designed and made in India

There is no external antenna hanging outside of device and that makes it compact and handy

Accurate Distance Calculator

We measure the distance to the accuracy of first decimal place.

Distance gets refreshed every one minute

App shows the moving speed of vehcile

Travel History & Reporting

Vehcile Movement Map

Watch the route your vehicle is driven on

Vehicle Stop Points

All places where your vehicle stopped

Trucks / Buses running on Smart Tracker


and counting...


  • Begin a new trip
  • Keep an eye on distance and milage using trip history
  • The moment your device gets disconnected from Vehicle, you receive an alert SMS
  • Add Customer to track the vehicle for limited time
  • Report us any issue in a single click.
  • We will call you within 4 hrs
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About us

The Innovations tracking device is designed and developed by an engineering team based in Bangalore having a decade of industrial experience in producing state of the art software/hardware. This product is the brainchild of a team comprising of IITians who have put forth their technical acumen collected over the years working in world class researchlabs like Microsoft, Yahoo Labs! and Oracle.

We provide complete end-to-end, a very reliable system for Tracking, Safety and Surveillance to academic institutions, Corporates and Govt Organizations.


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080-40900985 / +91-8197714916