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Product Overview

A gateway to unlock optimal performance in BS6 trucks, setting a new standard in the market. Our solution is engineered to address the core challenges in fleet operations, putting you in control and safeguarding your assets.

Diesel Theft Protection

Detect and prevent unauthorized diesel draining with real-time alerts detailing the quantity, location, and time of diesel theft, ensuring the security of your fuel reserves.

Diesel Refill Notifications

Receive instant notifications detailing the quantity, location, and time of every diesel refill, empowering you with transparent fuel management.

In Depth Report

1214 km
Diesel Consumption
252.63 L

Tank Summary

Total Capacity
375 L
Total Consumption
160 L

Diesel Consumption Insights

Analyze fuel consumption patterns with detailed reports, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

Live Tracking

Monitor your fleet's real-time location, enhancing visibility and allowing for timely interventions to ensure on-course operations.

Movement and Stops Monitoring

Track movement patterns and stops, aiding in route optimization, preventing unauthorized use, and bolstering overall fleet security.

HOW IT WORKS-Exploring MapConnect

Fuel tracker user manual


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Step 1

After you unbox, take out the device. Check if red, blue, yellow and black wires are intact.

Step 2

Locate the 50 pinfemale connector for telematics unit in your TATA BS6 truck.

For example -

a. In TATA Prima, you can find the port inside the marked compartment of truck as shown.

b. In TATA Signa you can locate the connector outside the truck as shown.

Step 3

Step 3 After you locate the 50 pin female connector, connect it to the male part of the device.

When the device is connected and the truck is ON, you can see a red light glowing on the other side of the device.

For example -

a. In TATA Prima, you can find the port inside the marked compartment of truck as shown.

b. In TATA Signa you can locate the connector outside the truck as shown.

Our USPs

Our cutting-edge Fuel Tracker aims to revolutionize the way you manage your fleet's fuel consumption
to unlock operational efficiency and cost savings.

Current diesel level in litres

Tripwise/Daily/Monthly diesel consumption

Complete diesel reports/Diesel Theft or Diesel Refill report

Plug and play system

5 year guarantee on device

Product Benefits

Unlock a world of advantages for your fleet management with our Fuel Tracker

Real time



24/7 Customer

Plug & Play

Works with
BS6 Trucks

Trip History

No External

How we are different?

In a crowded market, we stand out by prioritizing simplicity, reliability, and precision in every aspect of our Fuel Tracker, ensuring a transformative experience for fleet owners.

It's not ÖBD. It is telematics control unit TCU


wire cutting


of fuel gauge


drilling in
fuel tank


plug and
play device

Delivering Geospatial Excellence

Utilize cutting-edge AI-driven technology to safeguard your most
valuable assets – your vehicle, cargo, and drivers.

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About us

The Innovations Tracking system is designed and developed by a team of IITians based in Bangalore having a decade of industrial experience in producing state of art software/hardware.

The hardware and software team has come up with completely made-in-india product that helps you to manage your vehicles using your mobile phone.

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